With the almost constant attacks on vaping by the media, an increasing number of vapers are beginning to ask whether vaping only water without any nicotine or flavor is a good idea. Increased state governors' ban execution of taste is leaving many former smokers in the lurch. How can you get your favorite products steam when the cards are constantly being against them?

Any day, the US Congress will vote on a bill that - if approved - will abolish the Postal Service of the United States from delivering Vape e-liquids, equipment, and other products at the gates Americans. Just spent more than six months arguing with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vapes based on whether nicotine causes a respiratory illness called the alleged email (do not). And now, politicians and anti-vaping groups are fictitiously claiming that vapers teenagers are five to seven times more likely to get COVID-19 (they are not).

It is enough to cause any Vaper to enter a state of madness. Instead of a career back in the loving arms of the tobacco industry, vapers in these states with bans taste are looking for a safe and healthy alternative to e-juice.

Some vaping we wonder just water. Others speculate on the notion of vaping flavored water. In short, they would spray water instead of smoke. But is it healthy?

FLAVORED VAPING water could be hazardous to your health.

While wanting to follow vape instead of smoke is an admirable quality, not the vaping water is recommended. Water as a juice vape ingredient used - very occasionally - in markers using high concentrations of vegetable glycerine (VG). VG is a thick, sticky substance, and manufacturers sometimes use water to dilute the VG to a vaporable texture.

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Then there are some vapers who are allergic to propylene glycol (PG) e-liquid. By using water as a dilutive, which can reduce the concentration of PG by 5-15 percent. So, why not eliminate the middleman and just vape pure water?

Here's the thing. Without the content VG and PG, vaping only water will lead to inhalation of steam essentially vaper. And if you ever made the mistake of being too close to a pot of boiling water, then you know how painful it can be.

Of course, most devices vaping not heated juices such post alarmingly high temperatures, but the same principle applies. Vaping pure water will increase the chances of fire lips, tongue, and inner cavity of the mouth. In severe cases squonk mod, it can even record all the way to the trachea. OH!

Moreover, the substance and texture of a cloud of steam from pure water are much less rewarding than the vaper than their e-liquid preferred. Keep in mind. Once inhaled and exhaled through the mouth, the water vapor condenses immediately again - either - water. You will not participate in any contest cloud chasing, and even flavored water is much less tasty than you can imagine.